Personal Life Coaching for autistics

Maatwerk levensloopbegeleiding bij Autisme - Odett

Personal Life Coachingfor autistics

Everyone learns and develops at their own pace. Young people with autism are often misjudged because they often develop differently than what people expect. Unique talents remain undiscovered and untapped because people ask the wrong questions and actions of autistics.

With life coaching we work together to promote your overall well-being and quality of life. For example, within the areas of living, working, education and relationships. Together we define the goals you have and increase self-reliance, self-reflection and self-insight based on your needs and talents.

About Life Coaching

Everyoneis talented and everyone deserves to be supported in their development. As autism coach, we work together to discover your talents, so we may use them to to achieve your goals.


Individual coaching

In individual coaching, you and I will work together by looking at your talents first. We will then learn to understand those talents so we can utilize them to support your development. We do so by looking at the goals you have set out and discover how your talents can help you in reaching those goals.


Triangle Coaching

Triangle coaching becomes useful when there are 3rd parties involved in your process. For example, a sportsclub, educational institution, parents or care-takers. By engaging in these triangle coaching sessions we can work together to streamline your process in achieving your goals.


Group Counselling

Collaboration and effective communication are skills best developed in smaller groups. Together with other clients we will use group counselling to develop your social skills.

Odette Jansen MEd. Onderwijskundige en Pedagoog - Autisme Coach

My name is Odette, autisme coach with an eye for talent

As remedial educator(MEd.), I have worked as a counsellor since 2017 helping young adults on the spectrumm (ASD) as well as young adults with similar challenges to achieve their goals in several fields of life.

Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means that autism is experienced differently by everyone. Which means that the experienced challenges are different. Besides a spectrum of challenges, autism also allows for a spectrum of talents. Understanding those talents, gives you new ways to support your development and opportunities for learning new skills. And just because you are autistic, does not mean you don’t have goals in life. This is why personal life coaching is so important.

Your talent + Your Challenge + Your goals = Personal Life Coaching

It is of course important that you and I ‘click‘. This is why I have set up free intake consultations before we would start. I find it important that you can be yourself, that you feel safe to open up and to grow, and that you feel you can be honest about what goals you want to achieve. When you feel comfortable working with me, that’s when we can start working on achieving those dreams.

About Odette

The first thing that was asked was: "What would you like to discuss today?" and Odette went along with whatever I proposed with and open and enthusiastic attitude. This gave me the freedom and confidence to discuss what I wanted to learn.

Sophie (17)Student HBO
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