About me

About me

Odette Jansen

I'm a web/game designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands. I go mad for a good flowchart and some well thought out user experiences and interfaces which I love to combine with my day job as a lecturer.

Who am I?

A Lecturer/ UI Designer / Gamer focusing on digital design & applied games.

I’m Odette Jansen, a UI/UX designer based in Groningen, The Netherlands currently working as a game design lecturer and coach at Hanze UAS.

In my free time I love to go hiking with my insta-famous dog @zazoothepug, bake biological dog treats for my company Clever Canine and of course, play games! I happen to be a rummikub master and massively obsessed with Persona 5.

To design functional digital experiences that fit your user

My expertise covers the entire digital product design process from responsive websites to mobile apps, including social media, SEO, visual communication, user experience design and user interface design. I like building new products from scratch or optimizing existing ones so they perform better from both a user and business perspective.

Coming up with a new design concept and building a functional product are the stages I enjoy working on the most, and I recently had a chance to do exactly that for clients like Kwantum, Online Soccer Manager, VGZ, Psychosenet, Mirro, Aafje,  Miss Etam.

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten

The digital world is always changing which is why I decided to become a lecturer. My long-term goal is to help the future generation develop their personal and professional skills within the field of digital media.

The motivation that drives me daily is to work with people that inspire me and want to grow.

I love to document my journey and share most of what I do on Instagram. When not working, I am either out hiking with my dog, baking cookies for my company Clever Canine, or playing games on my PlayStation.


Years experience

Graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor Communication and Media Design, but started designing and developing websites from early 2006.


Hours teaching

Lectures & workshops in game design, UI/UX design & Intercultual Communication. Coaching for personal and professional development.


Websites built

Responsive websites, gamification, onepagers, mobile designs, portals, webshops and so on.

Want to chat?

I’m open to sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow designers, students and clients.

I believe in collaboration over competition because it’s all about enjoying the ride. My support goes to anyone who is trying to build or achieve something meaningful through technology and design.