Odette Jansen MEd. Educational Professional & Autism Coach

“Everyone is talented

if approached with talent”

In my work as an educational professional and autism coach, I often see youths and young adults with autism around me who cannot keep up with the expectations of the environment. Autistics whose talents are visible but not understood or deployed. This decreases self-confidence and also their quality of life. Due to the downwards spiral that then arises, developing skills becomes more difficult.

My talents lie in discovering other people’s talents. I do this by analyzing, listening, asking questions, and playing. As an autism coach my keywords are positivity, trust & authenticity. All three are necessary to support a person’s personal development. Everyone learns and develops differently, and with positivity comes trust, and when there is trust someone feels safe enough to discover their own authenticity and thus develop talent.

A spectrum of talent

Autism is a spectrum disorder, so the way autism manifests itself and what those challenges are, is different for everyone. In addition to a spectrum of challenges, autistics also have a spectrum of beautiful and unique talents. Understanding those talents gives you new ways to support your development and develop skills. And besides that, you are also just a person with goals in life that you want to achieve. This is why tailor-made coaching is so important.

A spectrum of possibilities

I see the challenges for young people with autism and their environment. But instead of focusing on the problem and difficulties, I look at possibilities. People with autism sometimes often have wonderful feelers for art, culture, emotions, or technology, but they are also people who are not always quite sure how to use these talents. If we discover what your talents are, we can use them to create opportunities and improve your quality of life.

Odette Jansen, Educational professional & Autism Coach

Since early 2017, I have been working as a coach for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as youths and young adults with similar challenges.

Because of my passion for authenticity and personal development, I decided to follow a Master in Talent Development & Diversity (MEd). During my studies, I specialized in eliciting talent from young adults with autism spectrum disorder. In addition to my work as an autism coach, I also work as a study counseling coordinator and senior lecturer 21st-century skills at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen because I think it is important to stay informed about what is going on in higher education.

And besides work, I’m an animal lover, love to cook English scones in the kitchen, and play Dungeons & Dragons with friends.

Everyone deserves to grow up healthy, to be authentically themselves, and to participate in society.

Odette Jansen MEd. Onderwijskundige en Pedagoog - Autisme Coach - Talent ontwikkeling

Published work

To keep up to date I write research articles about new theories, methods, and tools to improve the effectiveness of my coaching practices. I often share these on researchgate and on my website. Below you can find my most recent work..


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