Humira Connect

An easy to access responsive platform for
Humira Patients

The Case

Humira Patients need treatment during the day but may not always remember when to take it. An online platform for patients already existed. Since people are more and more mobile, a smartphone version was requested.

The Solution

Because time was of the essence in this project, we had chosen to redesign the already existing platform into a responsive one. Granting patients accessibility to their data at any day and time of the week.

The Result

A siginificant increase in daily users, returning users and less people looking for answers about forgetting to taking their medication. A healthy result!


During this project I was mainly responsible for the UI/UX Design. Prototyping for a variety of devices and testing the design with users.


Some of my tasks were:

  • Creation of flowcharts
  • LoFi & HiFi Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Testing with the Target Audience
  • Testing with stakeholders