User Centered Design for Kwantum
through their e-commerce channels

The Case

Kwantum was in need of a more user focussed design on their website with the focus on their ordering system of textiles.

The Solution

Together with AvivaSolutions we developed a completely new website for Kwantum. During the development we ran continous tests to make sure we kept a user centered approach.

The result

25% increase in online and offline visitors. A remarkable growth in profits and lower IT costs due to implementing a well integrated platform into the already running processes.


While working on this project I was mainly responsible for the UI/UX design of different platforms we were designing for. While I focussed the design on mobile first, I always kept in mind how the design would transfer to larger screens.


Some of my tasks were:

  • Creation of flowcharts
  • LoFi & HiFi Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Testing with the Target Audience
  • Testing with stakeholders