Miss Etam

Creating a userfriendly experience online

The Case

Through heatmaps it was easy to see that many visitors left the website the moment an item in their size was out of stock, therefor losing possible sales.

The solution

I created a simple solution that would see which item a visitor was viewing and then gave recommendations of similar items which were available in their size. Next to that I created the option to insert your email address and get an email when an item was back in stock.

The result

A decrease in visitors leaving the website,  an increase in time spent on the website and an increase in online sales


While working on this project I was mainly responsible for the UI/UX design of the ecommerce website. While I focussed the design on mobile first, I always kept in mind how the design would transfer to larger screens.


Some of my tasks were:

  • Installing & reading heatmaps
  • LoFi & HiFi Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Testing with the Target Audience
  • Testing with stakeholders
  • Design solutions
  • User interface Design