Signal Works

An easy to manage website for Signal Works.

The Case

Signal Works asked for a brand new website with an easy to manage CMS so that they themselves could blog and add clients/partners to their website.

The Solution

A WordPress based website with access to only the most important WordPress features for easy maintanance. Designed around the Signal Works brand with custom icons.

The Result

An easily accessible website that uses WordPress as its Content Management System. Signal Works has full control over the desired features without running the risk of messing up the website’s structure.


While working on this project I was mainly responsible for the design and development of the website. It was highly important for the website to be responsive, easily indexable by Google and all connected to the brandstyle of Signal Works.


Some of my tasks were:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Icon Design
  • Webdesign
  • Webdevelopment
  • SEO implementation
  • Client iterations