Tailor-made autism coaching. Together we look for a fitting solution to achieve your goals

Many youths and young adults with autism quickly cross their boundaries to conform to society’s norms. This creates pressure and tension that can slow down or even halt your development. By means of tailor-made coaching, we can create a personalized coaching plan. This helps us when we work together to discover your strengths and learn how to rely on them to support your development.

Tailor-made autism coaching means counseling in all facets of life with the aim of increasing your overall well-being and quality of life. Everyone is different, everyone is unique and everyone has their own talents and challenges. That is why we will discover your talents together, harness it and learn how you can use them to develop new skills.

Individuele begeleiding bij Autisme

Individual coaching

Through individual coaching, we will work together based on your talents, challenges, and goals.  We will take a look at the goals you have and how your unique talents can support you in achieving them.

The goal of individual coaching is that we use your talents to achieve your goals as we take on challenges. All coaching is tailor-made to fit the individual in front of me and has the overarching goal of increasing your self-reliance, self-reflection, and self-insight.

The focus in individual coaching is on:

  • Learning to support and develop yourself;
  • Gain insight into your own talents;
  • Achieve specific goals and reflect on progress.
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Triangle Coaching

Triangle coaching incorporates third parties into our coaching sessions. For example you and your parents, or you and your school. In addition, we can also enter into discussions with external parties, such as your sports club or healthcare professionals. For example, together we can draw up a plan to help you incorporate into the day-to-day at home. By means of triangle coaching, we can develop tailor-made solutions based on your needs.

The focus of triangle coaching is on:

  • Eliminating stress;
  • Provide structure & clarity;
  • Improve communication & relationships.
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Driehoeksgesprekken in begeleiding bij Autisme
Groepsgesprekken begeleiding bij Autisme - Odett


Group coaching can be conducted with teammates, colleagues, or peers with similar goals. For example, improving social communication or collaborative skills. In group coaching, we work together via the use of games and other tools to improve these 21st-century skills.

The focus of group coaching is:

  • Improve social-emotional skills;
  • Improve 21st-century skills, such as flexibility, initiative & productivity;
  • Developing talents in a group.
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How does the coaching


There are 4 pillars that are important for the guidance I offer. I coach each individual to achieve their goals by learning to use their own talent to achieve results. The types of guidance I offer can be combined with each other according to the wishes of the client.

What does it cost?

Autism is a spectrum

Every person is unique, and every person with autism may experience challenges in different areas of life. During the coaching sessions, we take a look at your wishes and goals in order to determine the best approach. The great thing about tailor-made autism coaching is that we can make a combination of individual and triangle coaching without any additional costs or stress.

Coaching with personalized goals

Each autistic person experiences their own challenges. One wants to become more independent, another wants to learn to take better care of themselves or become better at planning, making friends, or preparing for job interviews, for example. During the coaching sessions, we will work together to set concrete goals for you, based on your dreams and wishes. We keep track of progress in this regard and discuss it by means of evaluations. During these evaluations we can see if your goals need adjusting as we learn new things along the way. The coaching is therefore flexible and goal-oriented.

Autism means other talents

Some young adults with Autism are visually very strong, others like to work methodically, or like to read a lot. During the coaching sessions, together we will discover what your unique talents are. Once we gain these insights, we can look at how your talents can be used to achieve your goals. To increase the effectiveness of the coaching we use scientifically proven methods such as progression-oriented coaching, strength-based learning (SBL), and cooperative learning to support you in your development.

Result-oriented coaching

Of course, you want to achieve results within your development. During the sessions, we not only evaluate your goals but also your progress. This way we can see where you stand with regards to achieving your goal and developing your talents. By evaluating in the interim, we can adjust or change coaching methods based on the progress. This result-oriented method also helps in the development of self-insight and increases your self-reflection.

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