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Hi there!

I’m Odette Jansen. My passion for understanding human behavior and user experiences has driven my career, leading me to my current role as the Head of UX Research at Nordhealth.

In this position, I continue to delve into the intricacies of user behaviour, crafting solutions that resonate deeply with our audience. My role involves not only leading the UX Research department but also setting strategic directions and pioneering innovative research methodologies. I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of user research, mentoring a growing team of talented UX researchers and UX designers, and further developing our ResearchOps and best practices.

My commitment to enhancing user experiences is stronger than ever, as I guide my team in uncovering insights that drive impactful design decisions, ensuring that our solutions consistently improve lives.

What I’m Passionate About:

🎮 Games: Since childhood, I’ve been captivated by the synergy of rich narratives and interactive landscapes in games. In my role as Head of UX Research, this fascination translates into a deep understanding of user experiences within gaming. I’m passionate about optimizing workflows and transforming challenges into delightful moments. My leadership role allows me to collaborate closely with designers, driving innovative enhancements in in-game experiences and ensuring that creativity and user-centric design are at the forefront.

🎓 Education: I firmly believe in the transformative power of education. As a lifelong learner, I see UX as a vital tool in creating engaging and effective educational experiences. In my leadership position, I’m committed to nurturing skill development and knowledge acquisition, not just within our user base but also within my team. My passion for education fuels my pursuit of impactful and accessible UX solutions that cater to diverse learning needs.

🏥 Healthcare: My personal connection to mental health, neurodiversity, and healthy aging deeply influences my work. As a neurodivergent individual leading a UX team, I bring a unique perspective to our projects, ensuring empathetic and inclusive user experiences. My dedication to diversity, inclusion, and mental well-being is more than a personal commitment; it’s a professional ethos that guides our department in optimizing user experiences across various domains, including healthcare.

Education and Expertise
Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Multimedia Design, specialising in game design, and a Master’s in Talent Development with a focus on neurodivergent educational design research, I’ve honed a deep understanding of design research, its power to shape meaningful products, and how to lead people to develop their talents.

When I’m not immersed in the world of UX research and design, you’ll find me enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Exploring the great outdoors and hiking with my dogs provides me with moments of clarity to process the day-to-day and refresh my mind. I’m also an avid gamer, and delving into video game design choices and mechanics fuels my creativity. And when I’m seeking a different kind of canvas, I turn to painting miniatures as a means of self-expression and relaxation.