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Hi there!

I’m Odette Jansen. I love creating flows that users can get on board with, that are effortless and fun to engage with, and give the users the things they didn’t think they needed.

Currently, I work as the Lead UX Research at Nordhealth, where I am building and leading the UX Research department. Here, I am hosting workshops on UX Research to increase company knowledge, developing best practices for UX Research, leading and performing user research, and mentoring junior & medior researchers to develop their skills as UX Researchers.

I have an applied sciences Bachelor’s in Communication & Multimedia Design (BSc), with a specialization in game design, and an educational design research Masters’s in Talent Development (MEd) in which I specialized in neurodivergent educational design.

What I’m passionate about:

🎓 Education: Education is such a foundational part of our growing up and becoming members of society, with our own talents, wishes, and learning abilities. I believe one never stops learning in life and good UX helps to make learning more fun, engaging, and effective to help people develop their talents.

🏥 Healthcare: Mental health, neurodivergence, and healthy aging are topics dear to my heart. As a neurodivergent individual myself I see the world in a different way and I love to use that experience to create better UX for others. Mental health and healthy aging mean something different to everyone and I love figuring out how I can create the best experience for each user while optimizing their health needs.

🎮 Games: Ever since I was little I was intrigued by games, their rich stories, colorful worlds, and immersive worlds. And all of that comes together for a player when there is good UX. I love creating flows, understanding user’s experiences, and coming up with better ways to make their in-game experience even better. Whether that’s on mobile, PC, or console.