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Hi there,

My name is Odette Jansen and I’m a UX researcher¬†focusing on creating better user experiences for education, healthcare, and games. I’m passionate about applying behavioral psychology, analytics, and user research for a science-backed approach.


Latest Projects

veterinarian insurance workflow uk market ux research

UX Research Case Study: Insurance claim

A tabletop RPG to improve social skills of young adults with ASD

Improved online shopping experience for kwantum

Improving self-confidence through gaming

I know Odette Jansen as a hard-working individual who uses her personal experiences and is always willing to look for an evidence-based theory that supports those experiences or can place them in a broader context. Odette is pleasant to deal with and she communicates in a clear way.

Nick LumatalaleSenior Lecturer Hanze UAS


UX Research

Odette combines user and contextual research to gain insights into the problem, create fitting and proven design requirements, and come up with innovative solutions that work. She does so by combining quantitative and qualitative research methods and incorporating UX research in each phase of the product development cycle.

UX Design

UX Research and UX Design go hand in hand. Odette understands how to turn design requirements into flowcharts, wireframes, and prototypes that accurately portray the user’s needs. These deliverables can then be tested and evaluated through UX research before heading off for final design & development.


Odette is experienced in organizing and streamlining the design & development process within product teams. Her focus is always on creating the best experience for the user but understands that business strategies are also vital in this process. Odette brings teams together with an open and friendly growth mindset.