Branding & a webshop for Happy Vintage

The new branding for Happy Vintage needed to feel like a vintage Walhalla for visitors and that same feeling needed to come back into their website.  Here’s what I did.

Who are they?

Happy Vintage brings awesome furniture to weddings and events and if that is not enough, they are also amazing stylists that can make any wedding into a beautiful vintage boho event. They source and maintain a large warehouse of vintage furniture and have contracts with florists, photographers, and caterers to make any event a memory you’ll never forget. An amazing business that needed a brand and webshop fitting their vision and ideals.

Vintage Colours

Happy Vintage needed to get a vintage look, soft, faded colours without looking old and dated. Safe & clean and trustworthy were important words and green was just the colour to bring that feeling to the user.

Vintage Green


Chalk Green


Chalk Grey


Happy Vintage - Logo Design

A clean logo

What was important for this brand was to have a clean logo, easy to read and remember but also mono-color, making it easy to print on stickers & shirts. I played around with several options, from a round sticker-like design to a square design. Eventually, the happy vintage team decided on the square open design.

Portfolio worthy

With all the weddings & events that Happy Vintage was asked to style, the company needed a good space on their webshop to display their amazing work. A portfolio was designed with a masonry grid to really give credit to their experience & style. This feeling was also important to bring back in the rest of the website, thus designing plenty of space for images over text.

Happy Vintage - Showcase Mockup

A rental shop matching stock

Orientation and the decision to rent, the customer base of happy vintage knows what they want because of the specific niche they operate in. With their new webshop, their user base can browse their stock, see active stock, decide on a rental period and request offers for renting their furniture including or excluding deliveries. As a result of this webshop, Happy Vintage has worked together with major brands such as VT Wonen, KLM, Omoda, Canon and best kept secrets festival.

Happy Vintage - Shopping process

“Odett created a style that fitted our vision for our brand and webshop. There is plenty of space to show our creativity with videos and images. We’re very happy with the result”

Joske Seegers – CEO, Happy Vintage

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