Improved online shopping experience for Kwantum customers

Shopping for window decoration can be difficult and tedious, with measuring, going to the store, hoping you did it right. With the new user experience design, ordering your window decoration on has increased engagament by 25%.

Who are they?

With over 100 stores in the Netherlands and over 25.000 webshop visitors a month, Kwantum is one of the biggest companies in the Netherlands for home fashion. Kwantum sells contemporary home items for the budget household, from furniture to floors and from curtains to home accessories.

"How can we improve the user engagement with the online window decorator in order to drive sales more quickly?"

An easy and engaging shopping experience

Shopping for window decoration in stores is well known to users. Bring your measurements to the store, give them to the desk, and hope for the best. This has often led to missed sales, customer loss, and a decline in online sales. With the new window decorator user experience, we guide the user through the experience of all the pains they’ve experienced before. And the results were impressive. The user engagement with the decorator increased by 25%, as well as a 25% increase in online and offline shop visitors.

Clever design choices

Best practices and methods have been used to optimize the conversion rates by using the following UX methods.

The pain of paying

Paying is never a favorite aspect for customers but, when you take away the currency signs, it becomes psychologically easier to make the purchase. I used this theory throughout the window decorator module.

The Zeigarnick effect

The Zeigarnik effect states that users are more eager to finish when tasks are unfinished or interrupted as they stay present in the brain. Incorporating a progress bar therefor helps users complete their tasks and thus their purchase.

Consistency & feedback

As design needs to be interactive, it is important to create consistency in the design and give feedback based on the user’s actions. In the window decorator the curtain changes when clicking on a different design as well as a selection icon to indicate which option the user has selected.

Cooperation in Development

The realization of the project with regards to development and implementation has been done by Aviva Solutions. They used their Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), Sitecore Commerce en Aviva’s Mercury e-commerce accelerator to rebuild the webshop and integrate the window decorator module.

Do you have a project in mind?

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