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Currently, I work as a Lead UX Researcher at Nordhealth. Located in Helsinki, Finland. As the Lead UX Researcher, i’m working on setting up the UX Research department, crafting protocols and templates to improve our UX Research practices. I also mentor junior/medior UX researchers in their journey to becoming better UX Researchers.


Figma UX Research Templates

As I’m building all these templates, I thought it would be a cool idea to share them online. Templates for UX Research and workshops are designed in Figma and Figjam so stakeholders (both internal and external) can easily join in. Ive published my workshops and templates online on the Figma Community

As my work progresses and I build more templates, these will be added to the community.

Notion UX Research Templates

I mainly work as notion as our tool for project management and our research repository. This means that in Notion I create all of the templates for our research. This helps keep our practices consistent and makes it quick to boot up projects. Because I’ve been working on these templates I thought it would be a great idea to share these templates with you.

  • UX Research methods, plans, and outcomes
    • Different templates to increase the setting up of research projects. Pick your template and start working!
    • Always start with a research plan, then your methods, and then outcome documents.
  • UX Research board (for planning) and repository Template
    • Useful for planning research, while at the same time creating a repository of research projects. Feels and works like a scrum board but for UX research.
  • UX Research Requests Template
    • When you’re one of few UX Researchers and many people are asking you to perform research, a request board can really help out. It lets you manage all the requests and together with a manager/head of product you can prioritize these requests from Product owners/managers or other internals.
  • Documenting your research
    • A handy document that can help you organise the work you’re doing as a UX Researcher. Set some ground rules and guidelines on how work is documented.
  • UX Research Protocols
    • Here i am collecting guidelines, tips and tricks for performing UX Research. Some of these might be useful for when you are just starting out or need some inspiration on how to think about certain protocols such as how to deal with situations during user research where racism or anger occurs.

You can download/copy them and use them in your own practices. Enjoy!